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First Name :   JIM
Location :   Burlington, WI
Comments :   I added your website to my favorites. I cant wait to see the finished AMX and some action shots. I own a fully restored 1968 390 GO Package and a project 1970 390 GO Package.
First Name :   Dan Graham
Location :   Chariton Iowa
Comments :   Wow! this site is great! I wanted to let you know how much i enjoyed it. the car looks great cant wait to see it.
First Name :   Tony Westphal
Location :   Deer River
Comments :   i love your page and love how the car is coming along love to see it win its dun! well have fun with it and take care
First Name :   Lauri & Gabi
Location :   St Louis
Comments :   Hi Uncle Sonny and Aunt Rosie!!!
First Name :   Bro David
Location :   Troy
Comments :   That handsome crew working on the interior of the AMX almost eclipsed the beauty of the interior itself. We Surber boys certainly look like seasoned citizens. Great news on the follow-up to your surgery (or lack thereof)! Keep the news coming.
First Name :   Drew
Location :   Vineland
Comments :   Love the last picture. I would love to know what size tires you have on the rear and if you had to tube it out
First Name :   Larry Saletko
Location :   Los Angeles area
Comments :   You have built a great website and a beautiful AMX. Please take some detailed pics when you reinstall the heater & controls-itll help me when I do mine! Thanks, Larry
First Name :   Jackie
Location :   Des Moines
Comments :   Cant wait to go for a ride. Car looks great!
First Name :   Son #2
Location :   Des Moines
Comments :   Cant wait to get behind the wheel of that beast!!
First Name :   Mike
Location :   Leo, IN
Comments :   Kool site ---Thanks --My first new car 69 AMX go package 390 4 speed bittersweet orange--set up by factory and dealer to run at drag strip , window sticker 8900.00 , I paid 4200.00.I picked it up the day I turned 21 (New Years eve) aaand I still haave it.
First Name :   mark
Location :   marshalltown,Ia
Comments :   neat web page, I an restoring a 1969 amx with 57,000 the car was in Ca and in the 1 st owers hands untill july 99. I got the car in sept02 form the 2nd owner
First Name :   Frank
Location :   Montezuma
Comments :   Awsome site, Sonny. Really enjoyed all the details!
First Name :   Ben
Location :   Montezuma
Comments :   Finally made it! Really like the web site, and even more I like what you are doing with the AMX!
First Name :   Virginia
Location :   Troy
Comments :   Im seeing less of David these days. He is always checking your site to see whats new.
First Name :   Nick Ridenour
Location :   Urbandale, IA
Comments :   Nice work Sonny and Rosie. Dont let son #2 anywhere near this automotive masterpiece.
First Name :   Jimi
Location :   Grafton, WI
Comments :   What a great site! Im doing a similar resto on a 69 I had shipped in from Eureka, CA last July. Youre an inspiration and a reminder to do it right the first time! Thanks for putting together a great site for AMX fans.
First Name :   Troy
Location :   Eldora, Iowa
Comments :   Looks good! Cant wait to see it on the mean streets of Monte.! Troy
First Name :   Jason
Location :   Odessa Mo.
Comments :   Great job on the car and web site
First Name :   MAC
Location :   Montezuma
Comments :   Youve got too much money... and your wife needs a full time job!! NICE CAR
First Name :   Bro Dave
Location :   Troy
Comments :   By the way, Josh likes to dance to your web site music. Hell watch the AMX run around the border and dance to the music for hours.
First Name :   Bro Dave
Location :   Troy, MO
Comments :   Wow--Interior plan A turned out beautifully! I love the picture of AMX arriving home on back of tow truck--with masking gone, deck and hood on, and wheels on, thats the car with its full exterior effect. Its breath-taking!
First Name :   Stan
Location :   Knoxville, TN
Comments :   Great site ! I went through many similar experiences while restoring my 68 AMX #02450. Id like to hear how it runs. Have fun ! Stan Watkins
First Name :   Dave
Location :   Monrovia, CA
Comments :   Great site, the car is looking good in a pretty short time. Good luck with it. My 68 is shown on the socalamx site if you get a chance. Dave
First Name :   Doug
Location :
Comments :   Youve got a great looking site here, wonderful information! Your passion for the AMX is throughly expressed throughout your website. Keep up the great work!
First Name :   Mike
Location :   Central Ohio!!!
Comments :   WAY to go Keith!!! keep up the good work!!! It is looking sweet!!! come visit my little corner of the internet as well!!!
First Name :   David
Location :   Middletown, IA
Comments :   My husband has a 69 & 70 AMX & has had several Javelins, Hornets, & a Rebel Machine.
First Name :   Steve
Location :   Jefferson, NJ
Comments :   Great site. You created a real nice synopsis of how it is done (the right way). Wish I had this three years ago when I started restoring my 68 Jav. Thanks!
First Name :   Leanne
Location :   Cedar Rapids
Comments :   Flashy car, Sonny!
First Name :   Bill
Location :   Moberly, MO
Comments :   My brother in law is an AMC nut and located in the Burlington, IA area. Are you anywhere near? He has 2 - 70s and i have a 68 AMX. Mine is in about the same shape yours was in. Bill Jermyn
First Name :   Greg
Location :   Central Illinois
Comments :   nice site,I am redoing a 68 AMX right now and own 2 SC/Ramblers.
First Name :   Mike
Location :   Sulphur,OK
Comments :   Nice job!!!! 1968 AMX,390,4sp
First Name :   Tony
Location :   Hamburg NY
Comments :   The car looks just great. Love the color scheme and the seats. Just a fine looking AMX.
First Name :   Denise
Location :   VA
Comments :   Hey Sonny! Bet your thrilled! Enjoyed learning about the process of restoring your car. It looks great.
First Name :   Ben S.
Location :   VA
Comments :   Hey Uncle Sonny, the car looks tight! (that means good)haha, cant wait to see it in the summer!
First Name :   Eddie Stakes
Location :   PlanetHoustonAMX
Comments :   Hi Keith, I enjoyed stopping by your website in progress and seeing a nice tribute to these great old cars from a real fan! I wish you continued progress on the website and also on the cars, as the AMC Hobby needs a lot more people like yourself out there
First Name :   Kent
Location :   Delhi, IA
Comments :   Very cool, Uncle Sonny! Great job on the website- love the little AMX running around the screen. Cant wait to see the real thing.
First Name :   Melissa and Sharon
Location :   Missouri
Comments :   We personally thought the plan A seats had a nice retro feel. Rosie could put on her knee high gogo boots and fit right in. It looks awesome. We love the music...could you burn that on a CD?!?
First Name :   Bro Dave
Location :   Troy
Comments :   I think plan A looks pretty good. Cant wait to see plan B, tho.
First Name :   Kenny
Location :   
Comments :   Very impressive. It looks like a lot of hard word is coming together. I cant wait to show ben.
First Name :   Jock
Location :   Twin Lakes, WI
Comments :   Great site. And it looks like you are doing a #1 job on the AMX. When it is done, send us pics and a story for NAMDRAs newsletter.
First Name :   Carla Kelling
Location :   Grinnell
Comments :   This car is going to be just fabulous when you are done. And what a great website! What is it about those first cars? Mine was a 73 Pontiac LeMans GT and it was faster than any Camero, Nova or Chevelle the guys all drove.
First Name :   Bud the stud Bair
Location :   Home
Comments :   Awesome web page. Cant wait until its finished. BOTH THE WEB PAGE AND THE CAR. WERE READY TO SEE BOTH!!!!!!!!!
First Name :   Jennifer Johnson
Location :   Kansas!
Comments :   Very nice!!! Cant wait to see the finished product...
First Name :   Bro David
Location :   Troy, Mo
Comments :   Pretty impressive! This really helps all of us share the restoration experience (thankfully not the restoration expense). Keep the pics coming! Hope to get a glimpse of your body in all its new-painted glory soon.
First Name :   Brother-In-Law :)
Location :   New Sharon
Comments :   Sonny & Rosie, I share in your excitement! This is a nice website and Im sure as word gets around, you will have plenty of visitors.
First Name :   Carolyn
Location :   Keokuk, IA
Comments :   Interesting...I didnt know about that first AMX - but I do remember the micro-bus!
First Name :   Jamie Irven
Location :
Comments :   Looks exciting! Ill share with Gary when he gets home later. Id love to see pictures of Sonny and Rosie and boys on the website.
First Name :   Tony & Nate Dunsmoor
Location :   Grinnell
Comments :   Lookin good youre going to have one heck of a machine. Thanks alot for doing my seat for my fourwheeler. Cant wait to see your car all done.
First Name :   Sharon
URL :   
Location :   Iowa
Comments :   Cool!!!! Cant wait to see it when it is all done. Maybe I can even get a ride? Hopefully you wont have as many run-ins with the law as you did with your first AMX!
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