Building the Engine
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The exhaust system had to be just right....the car has got to sound right in order to look right?!  My brother Ken contributed the electric cutout valves shown mounted to each dump pipe.  They are made by DMH Performance and appear to be a top notch product.  These cutout valves electrically open and close with a switch mounted on the dash, and will open to the headers in less than 5 seconds.  There is more information with pictures of this product at
This is going to be a fun feature to have! 
The muffler professional recommended that I put on dual "turbos."  They have a nice deep and beautiful sound, very obvious, but not annoying. They will still be very tolerable for those longer road trips.   We also installed an "H" pipe in front of the mufflers since I decided to run the tail pipes out in front of the rear wheels.  This gives me that classic V8 sound coming out of each side. 
The lights are all wired and working, the tachometer and speedometer and other guages are hooked up and working, all wires are bundled and the motor compartment tidied up.  Rod is a master mechanic, and I am proud to have had his expertise and involvement with this project.