The Body Work and Paint Job
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The AMX was taken completely down to metal, and all chrome and trims completely removed.  All glass was removed, and what was left of the interior removed down to the bare essentials.  All door and glass rubber gaskets were removed, the seats, carpet, dash pads, gauges and glove compartment removed.  Now....I've got all of these boxes of carefully marked parts that better fit somewhere!  This shows the car at probably the most stripped down phase.  The motor compartment was painted red, and next the engine and transmission were put in before the following pictures.
Once the body work was completed, it was first painted black in order to give a good visual effect of how well the body work looked.  When blocking off the body, the black paint will show up darker in places where there may have been low spots in the body work.  The gray primer would not show these spots as effectively.  The body work turned out excellent, except for a couple of places that only the expert eye would have picked up.
The front fenders are shown here after their first coat of paint.  They will then be mounted where they are fit up and final adjustments are made.  Next they will be wet sanded in preparation for the final coat of paint.
This shows the the hood which has that dynamic style unique only to the AMX.   American Motors was a much smaller company than the big three (Ford, GM, and Chrysler Corp.) so they made some parts interchangeable. The front fenders, doors, and trunk are interchangeable with the AMC Javelin.  The rest of the body is unique to the AMX, which has a wheel base and body length 12" shorter than the Javelin.  The original hood had the most rust damage, so I decided to do a search for another one. After a surprisingly short search, we found this excellent hood for sale in the St. Louis, MO area.  This shows the hood during the wet sanding process in preparation for the final coat of paint.
Shown next to the AMX is Bobby Taylor, owner of Taylor's Auto Body Inc., Montezuma, IA.  He and his crew were selected to do this restoration project because he was committed to doing the quality job that I wanted for this car.  The paint job I have selected is shown on the "under construction" pages.  Red, white and blue were AMC's logo colors, and AMC made several AMX's in this color, although not exactly like the scheme I chose.  I was smitten by the style of the paint job on a die cast model given to me by my nephew, Mark Anderson, and after putting it together, I knew that was exactly how I wanted my AMX to look...