The Body Work and Paint Job
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The blue paint has begun to make its appearance!  The bumper and all tail-light trims are going to be painted blue also, which will give the effect that the tail-lights are one solid piece from one side to the other.  Again, this is not changing anything that cannot be reversed if I change my mind later and want everything chromed back to its original form.  This is shown in the base coat form, and will be clear coated for shine and finish.
Things are starting to look "red, white, and blue."  Everything has been fit up, has had the final wet sanding, and the paint is now going on.  You can now start imagining what this car is going to look like, especially when  we put on the new Cragar SS's, with the BF Goodrich T/A Radial tires! 
All final sanding has been done and the AMX has an appointment with the paint booth!  The red base coat has been applied as shown, and two colors left to tape off and apply.
It's amazing what can happen when I just get out of the way and let Bobby do his thing.  This is a fast forward from the above picture at about 2:00 PM on Saturday to about the same time on Sunday.  The car is now seriously looking like the finished product.  The clear coat has been applied, and the colors came out perfect!  As you can see, the light reflection shows the very fine quality of the body work. 
The car is out of the paint booth, and the Cragar SS wheels are on.  The hood, truck, bumpers and other painted accessories are done and ready to go on!  Next The entire body will be rubbed out to a smooth glassy finish.  The entire car will be lowered 2 to 3 inches for the dynamic look I want to achieve.  OK, Montezuma, are you ready for this car cruisin' on your streets??