The Interior
The interior is going to be my challenge.  Although I am not currently upholstering as a profession, I was in the business for many years.  During those years I developed a fondness for working on auto interiors, and have done many interiors, both custom and original.  I have decided to stay with the red/white/blue theme for the interior, with white as the base color, and red and blue accents.  This will be a custom interior, as I want to showcase my skills as an upholsterer.  Almost hidden behind the steering wheel  is the Hurst Shifter I was lucky to find on Ebay.  This shifter was a great improvement over the factory orginal which had a long throw, and tended to lock up between 2nd and 3rd gear. 
This view shows a very clean interior framework with no rust.  The floor in the car still has the original paint and is in remarkable condition. All new door gaskets will be installed and all original glass will be installed after the interior has been completed.

As you can see, we will definitely be starting from scratch!
These bucket seats were donated to me by my upholstery partner and buddy, Larry Massengale.  Although they are not original American Motors seats, they are an improvement both in comfort and condition. The original buckets were in pretty bad shape, and I decided that they were not worth redoing, especially since these were made available to me.  These covers will be replaced with new custom designed vinyl covers.  I decided to go with vinyl as compared to leather as the color selections were so much better.
The vinyl has arrived!  It looks like we have a good match on colors, and now it's time to put my plan of action to work on how my interior is going to look.  I will be making patterns out of scrap pieces I have laying around, and should have something tangible within the next week or so, depending on how much time I can give it.