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Patterns have been cut, sewn together, proven and then ripped back down.  The final product has been cut out as shown, and after sewing in either 1/2" or 1/4" foam on the back of each piece, they will then be sewn together and applied to the seat.
Fast forward to the the next night, and the pieces have been sewn together as shown.  After thinking about this, I have decided to go to plan "B", as I don't like this look as much as I thought I would.  Stay tuned for what plan "B" is going to look like!
Plan "A" is back by popular demand!  I have had only positive comments about this style, in fact,  nobody has even expressed any interest in what plan "B" was going to look like.  The problem was not about this style, but the fact that there was a design problem in which seams were pulling too hard in a couple of places which would have caused wear problems down the road.  So, after thinking about this, I feel comfortable that this change will solve that potential problem.  The headrest is next, and will be done in plain white.        
Both seats are done, the seat on your right still has only the foam in it right now, which is the reason for the wrinkles in the cover.  The seat framework is in the car getting fitted for new holes for bolting it down, since the hole pattern on these seats are different that the original seats.  My current plan is to put a charcoal colored carpet down, which will need to go in next.  Actually the seats will go in last, after all panels, headliner and dash work is done.