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Finally.....the interior is back in process!  This project has been delayed to due my recent major surgery, and recovery.  Shown here are the door panels, with an arm rest held in place on the right.  The bottom of the panels are covered with the same carpet that is going to be on the floor.
This is a close up of the door panel which shows the Alpin speakers mounted in each door panel.  There will be large 3 way speakers mounted in the  back panel behind the seats.
This shows the headliner, which will be installed with the horizonal red facing forward. 
This shows some of the dash parts that have been recovered, and dyed to match.  The rest of the dash frame work and steering wheel cover will also be dyed to match.  I have mounted the radio in the center pad, and moved the numbered badge right above.  The speedometer/tachometer cluster that goes with the bezel on the left has been sent out for reconditioning.??