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It's "install the interior weekend," and I was most certainly honored to have  the assistance of my two brothers.  From left to right is me, David from Troy, MO. and Ken from Harrisonburg, VA.  They both came specifically to help with this project, and put in two long days with me getting the interior in and other miscellaneous things.
How many Surbers does it take to put on a piece of trim?  Well, it looks like it must take four of us.  From left to right, my oldest son Ryan, from Des Moines, IA, brother David, me and brother Ken.
This shows the three of us taking a short break to confer on something that must have been pretty important.  The car is small, but we seemed to all three fit in the car nicely as we kept several projects going at the same time.....I think they call that "multi-tasking" at work.
Again, this shows the three of us ganging up on the headliner.  Amazingly, two days of tedious work that would try the most patient person, and not a cross word from any of us.  Actually, it was a pleasure for the three of us to get to work together on this project, and we all agreed that we should do this more often.  Thanks to Ken's wife, Denise, and David's wife, Virginia, for giving up their guys for the weekend.  And, of course, I can't forget Rosie, my own wife of 32 years, for playing hostess all weekend!