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Although the angle of this shot is a bit awkward, it was about the only way to show the headliner.  This was installed in one piece.  Also shown is the newly recovered original sunvisors.
This shows the excellent fit we got on the preformed carpet.  It could not have fit any nicer, and I highly recommend it.  We finally got the interior in and have now begun the final part....installing the seats.
Here she sits....slowly but surely coming together.  At this stage only small things remain to be done, such as the installation of the headlight doors, and the door windows.  Next, back to the body shop for a final fit on the front bumper, and minor paint touchup.  Then it goes to get the front end aligned, new shocks, brakes checked,  and then the exhaust.  You're going to love the exhaust ... shown in more detail on page 2 of the "Building the Engine" section!
The dash is installed and ready to go.  The speedometer, tachometer and fuel gauge are aftermarket, as well as the oil pressure gauge, volt meter, and water temp gauge cluster shown mounted below center.  I will keep the original gauges in case I want to put everything back to original.  A new windshield and the rear glass have been installed.  The Fourth of July is coming up.....with a little luck we may have a parade entry! (It didn't happen!).