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This shows the door panels with handles and small matching Alpine speakers in place.  The carpeted kick panel on the bottom matches the interior carpet.  The panels are held in place by hidden fasteners so no screws are showing.
These new bucket seats are out of a 2003 Cavalier, and in perfect shape.  I have decided to replace the other seats with these, as the tracks and reclining mechanisms are in perfect condition, and the style is more appropriate with the rest of the interior.  They have interesting flowing lines that are a natural for doing in red, white and blue.  Shown on the right is a completed seat, but after looking at it for the past week,  I have decided that this combination is not going to happen. I am almost done doing the other seat in a completely different look, and will be posting a picture of it soon.  It is more subtle and I like it much better.
This shows what I have left of the trunk.  We took the battery out of the engine compartment, and installed it in front of the wall.  The finished trunk isn't very big, but the panels are velcroed in place and come out easily.  This  allows for a lot of hidden storage for all of those things you need for shows and road trips.