Activities & Events
NAMDRA AMC Nationals in Cordova, IL, August 2003.  We were honored to share the runner up trophy with Jimi & Jo Day.   This shows me, Rosie, and our oldest son, Ryan.  This was the first outing with our AMX.
Award presentations, Jimi Day and me accepting our runner up trophies.  Hmmmm, looks like we shop at the same shirt store.
Troy Baptist Church car show in Troy MO, Aug 2003.  This shows the cruise part of the show.  Note:  my brother David is shown with this smile that he seemed to get everytime he climbed in the car....must have something to do with his memories of having my 1st AMX for a week when he was going to college at Truman University in Kirksville MO.
Shown is David and Virginia's grandson, Joshua.  He enjoys listening to his great uncle's "Oldie" CD's, and putting on his "cool" shades for that appropriate look!
This shows a typical group that we had surrounding the car for much of the day.  There were roughly 167 entries in this show, and there many very nice cars.  Strange as it may seem, we had the only AMX there.