Our Friends' Cars
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19 year old college student Matt Pattrilla is shown with his Bittersweet Orange AMX.  This '69 has the original 343 CID engine with an automatic transmission and air conditioning.  It has a Edelbrock performer intake, big cam, and headers.  College, of course, has affected his progess.  Matt got his AMX at the age of 15, and comes from an AMC family, in which he has one Uncle with a '69 Javelin SST and another Uncle with a '68 AMX.  Pictures of those cars will be posted later.
This shows Joshua standing next to Grandpa and Grandma's awesome Mustang.  His Grandpa is my Brother David, who helped me install the interior of my AMX.  This Mustang has the factory 5 speed, dual exhaust and the new  style Ford 5.1 V8.  David and Virgina and their grandkids, Joshua and Amanda, will be seen running the streets of Troy, MO. with the top down during these hot summer days!
Bill and Leslie Sweet are from Verona, MO  and shown next to their pristine 1969 AMX.  Bill and Leslie ran the 2004 Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour with us from Springfield, MO to Davenport, IA.  This AMX has lots of goodies in the 390 with a Hurst 4 speed.  Bill selected the AMX because of it's rarity, as well as the performance and looks.  We had a great time runnning together, and both AMX's ran flawlessly.   Hope to do it again soon.....Bob?!
We had the pleasure of running with Todd, Lisa, and Gage Sears from the Quad Cities to Kenosha, July 2004.  Their 1970 AMX has a 360 cid with the 727 automatic transmission.  Todd and his AMX were invited to run with the celebrities from Springfield, MO to St. Louis, MO during the 2004 Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour.  Todd and his AMX is one of the featured cars on The Learning Channel "Rides."  This is an exceptional car, with exceptional owners.  We hope to be able to run with the Sears again soon on other cruises.  Congratulations to Todd  on the TLC exposure!